The science

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Objectives of ClerVolc

“The consortium ClerVolc will :

  • Position itself within ten years at the forefront of volcano science at the international level ;
  • Tackle fundamental issues concerning volcanism, volcanoes and their environmental impact synergistically around seven problem-driven transdisciplinary research programs;
  • Forge collaborations between the different member laboratories, building on the strengths of each and creating a laboratory of excellence in volcanic processes, hazards and risk;
  • Exploit emerging technologies to…” [click to read more]
Scientific Challenges

“Volcanoes are major threats to human life and the environment. They represent one of Earth’s most destructive phenomena, impacting lives, infrastructures, agriculture, land transportation networks, aviation, and climate. The most recent example was the 2010 eruption of the Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallajökull, ash clouds from which drifted over Europe and paralyzed the entire European air traffic network for over a week. About 500 million people live in regions of the world threatened by volcanoes, but…”[click to read more]

The Seven Research Programs

ClerVolc research is organized around seven thematic programs:

  • Detection and characterization of volcanic plumes and ash clouds
  •  Internal structure and deformation of volcanic edifices
  • Volatile elements: the driving force behind volcanic activity
  • The evolution of volcanic edifices and their plumbing systems: mechanisms and timescales
  • Mantle control of magma sources
  • Volcanic mass flows and lava flows: genesis and impacts
  • Towards a more quantitative approach to volcanic risk and its societal impact

[Click to learn more about the programs]