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Function: Doctoral research fellow

Participation in ClerVolc program N°: 2

Main Research Unit: LPC

E-mail: pierre.schweitzer@isima.fr


I am a ClerVolc doctoral student at the Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire (LPC) and Laboratoire d’Informatique, de Modélisation et d’Optimisation des Systèmes (LIMOS), both from Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand and CNRS. My research interests are in the fields of Information Technologies (IT) and more specifically in High Performance Computing (HPC). My PhD thesis aims at improving the current Monte Carlo simulation used for the TOMUVOL experiment and called TOMUSIM. This application relies on two different particle Physics field applications. I already did my Master degree internship in this context to prepare my PhD thesis. I have first been able to obtain a speedup of the sequential simulation TOMUSIM of 17X. During the first months of my thesis, I have continued that work with parallel

optimizations and managed to get a global speedup of 400X for a simulation distributed on 32 physical cores. In addition to the distribution of computing, this achievement went through changing the programming language in which the application was written, but also by changing the way two applications were communicating. The opportunity was also taken to improve the way Monte Carlo method was implemented to match stricter rules in the handling of random streams. The future of my work will be to improve the application itself so that it can handle various models and can produce more verbose results.

Research Topics

High Performance Computing, grid computing; Monte Carlo simulation; Distributed and parallel simulation; Computing applied to high-energy physics; Tuning and optimizing of simulation software; Deployment and administration of computing resources for HPC.


  • Schweitzer P, Mazel C, Fehr F, Cârloganu C, Hill D (2013), Proper parallel Monte Carlo for computed tomography of volcanoes, Proceedings of HPCS13 conference, submitted.

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