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Missing PhotoMs. Marion CARPENTIER

Function: Post doctoral research fellow

Participation in ClerVolc program N°: 4

Main Research Unit: LMV



I am included in the ClerVolc consortium since September 2012 as a post-doctoral fellow. The aim of the project, supervised by Olgeir Sigmarsson, is to understand the causes of major fissure eruptions and their potential influence on central volcanoes in Iceland. The focus is on Katla and Grímsvötn volcanoes and their associated large fissure eruptions, respectively Eldgjá (AD 934-37) and Laki (AD 1783-84). Trace element concentrations, Sr-Nd-Pb isotope compositions together with U-series radioactive disequilibria will be measured on volcanic products from known historical and pre-historical eruptions. Possible links between variation of the magma source and melting parameters and volume of emitted magma will be investigated as well as the effect of very large basaltic fissure eruptions (Laki and Eldgjá Fires) on the central volcano behaviour.

Research Topics

My main research interests include 1) the chemical and isotopic heterogeneity of the Icelandic lavas and the link with their geographical and tectonic locations, 2) geochemistry of oceanic sediments, the effect of sedimentary recycling at subduction zones and the impact of subducting sediments on the long-term evolution of the Earth’s mantle. During my Masters degree (UBP, Clermont-Ferrand), I undertook a geochemical study of Holocene Icelandic basalts in order to investigate the mantle heterogeneity beneath Iceland. During my PhD (UJF-Grenoble), I explored the geochemical composition of the Lesser Antilles forearc sediments, and evaluated their influence on the Lesser Antilles magma compositions. Then, I occupied a postdoctoral position at the Pacific Centre for Isotope and Geochemical Research in Vancouver from 2009 to 2011, during which I studied the geochemistry of sedimentary input and volcanic output in the Northern part of the Cascades volcanic arc. Early 2012, I resumed my study of Iceland’s magmatism concentrating on the compositional variability of the three large fissural eruptions during historical time.


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