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ClerVolc outreach activities have fallen into three types: (1) institutional outreach aimed at establishing ClerVolc as a major European player in the monitoring and management of volcanic crises, (2) industrial outreach aimed at establishing links with industry and promoting technology transfer, and (3) public and cultural outreach aimed at promoting ClerVolc at the public level. The patenting of a system of sensors for measurements in granular flows was notable.

Institutional outreach

  • Creation of a park of remote sensing instrumentation and expertise available for volcano monitoring in times of crisis
  • Signature of a cooperation agreement in 2012 with the Joint International Laboratory (LMI) “Earthquakes and Volcanoes of the Northern Andes”, located in Quito (Ecuador).
  • Thermal measurements at Bárðarbunga Volcano in September 2014, on behalf of the Icelandic authorities
  • Consultation by the Greek Government during unrest at Santorini Volcano in 2011-2012
  • Construction of a volcanic hazard map for Sabancaya Volcano in Peru in 2013 (cooperation INGEMMET-IRD-ClerVolc).
  • Consultation of vulnerability of infrastructure in the city of Arequipa (Peru) from El Misti Volcano

Industrial outreach

  • Partner (with Electerre de France, the BRGM, Ingerop CI and Nosoco Tec) of the ‘Géothermia’ consortium
  • Partner in the geothermal energy projects of Fonroche Energy.
  • Patent for a system of sensors to measure stresses at the bases of granular flows (Patent FR1462666).

Public and cultural outreach

  • Stand dedicated to ClerVolc installed at the Vulcania thematic park dedicated to volcanism (Auvergne), which attracts 300,000 people per year
  • Stands at major international conferences, including the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco
  • Presentations of the ClerVolc project to many local, regional and national bodies
  • Presentations of the ClerVolc project to national (Secretary of State for European Affairs, Minister of higher education and research) and international (Canada, Ecuador) government officials.
  • A documentary film on ClerVolc activities released in 2015 on national (Science et vie TV, TV8 MONT BLANC, TL7 ,TV Lyon Métropole,TV Grenoble, etc) and international (NHK) channels.
  • Representation of ClerVolc at a state visit of the president of the Republic to the Philippines in February 2015.
  • Presentation by ClerVolc of a scientific project (“300 million years in Auvergne”) to 18 school classes in 2016 through the OCCE (Central Office for School cooperation)
  • Photo competition ‘Around volcanoes’, at different exhibition halls around the region for one year
  • Organisation of three days of science and culture ‘Village of the four elements’, 14 – 16 October 2016 in Clermont Ferrand (2000 visitors)
  • In 2018 ClerVolc initiated, and organised, a festival entitled “Les Nuées Ardentes” aimed at children, university students, professionals and the general public. This festival, which in its first year welcomed 6000 visitors, celebrates the Auvergne volcanoes through a retro-futuristic mix of scientific experiments, music, theatre and art. The festival was repeated in 2019 and will now become an annual event Festival Nuees Ardentes