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“INVOGE or International Geological Masters in Volcanology and Geotechniques

INVOGE or The International Geological Masters in Volcanology and Geotechniques is offered by Blaise Pascal (France), Milan-Bicocca (Italy), Michigan Technological and Buffalo Universities (USA). Over 5 years a generous financial aid is provided through the ATLANTIS EU/US programme (2009 to 2014). INVOGE is sutainable and will continue to operate after 2014 after the end of EU/US start-up funding with a range of individual and group funding options.

INVOGE provides students with an excellent broad-based international training in volcanology and geotechniques, and a rich cultural / linguistic foundation. The staff and student program answers a clear need for a new generation of internationally mobile personnel with…” [click to read more]


Fundamental research

“The following ClerVolc-funded research projects started in September 2012

  • Physical development of magmatic inclusions in crystals. Postdoctoral fellow F. Schiavi (Earth science)
  • Development of the La-Ce isotopic system, with application to arc lavas. PhD student N. Bellot (Earth science)
  • Isotopic (Os, Pb) constraints on petrogenetic models and magma sources at subduction zones. Postdoctoral fellow M. Gannoun (Earth science)…”[click to read more]

Invitation from the Greek government

“The Greek Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks has extended an invitation to ClerVolc scientists to collaborate in monitoring and research activities at Santorini Volcano, Greece, which has been in a state of unrest since January 2011. The remote sensing capabilities, and knowledge of Santorini Volcano, within the ClerVolc consortium places its scientists in an ideal position to collaborate with Greek colleagues in the event of an eruption.

Contract signed with the consortium Geothermia

ClerVolc, through its expertise in the geology of volcanic terrains, is one of the partners of the consortium ‘Geothermia’, along with the company Electerre de France (coordinator), the French Geological Survey (BRGM), the engineering company CI, and the microbiology company Nosoco…” [click to read more]